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Fr. Rocky Evangelista, President, Tel. No.775 0485

Tuloy Foundation accepts poor, orphaned and abandoned youth, homeless children, and children at risk in their living environment as residents in the Tuloy sa Don Bosco Street children Village in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Tuloy is a safe haven, a second home where their basic needs are taken care of and where they learn the values and attitudes they will need to cope with the outside world and function as contributing members of society. There are ten 3-1/2-story dormitory buildings in the Tuloy village, each designed to accommodate 30 children. The children in each building or house have a “head of house” who oversees their needs, their behavior and their formation in coordination with professional psychologists and social workers in the Child Development Department. Tuloy accepts boys and girls ages 9-18, who are mentally and physically trainable for skills learning in technical vocational courses, who have no serious mental and behavioral disorders requiring highly specialized treatment, and who meet the Foundation’s definition of “homeless” and “at risk” children.

A gift to Tuloy will help a homeless, helpless, and hopeless child regain his dignity and dream of changing his life.

Tuloy Foundation looks after more than 500 street-children in Alabang. 160 of these children live in the compound. They all attend school and receive vocational training. Tuloy Foundation provides home, education and the hope of a good and decent life to hundreds more who have chosen the streets as their desperate recourse.

A total of 706,454.00 Pesos in cash and in kind was given to Tuloy Foundation.

Our Project: Music room and arts and skills room
April 16, 200845,650 Pesos In kind of donation of Community Educational Health Fair Kit from The Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Day Saints
May 22, 20063,060 Pesos In kind donation of assorted drinks
November 11, 200511,000 Pesos for the purchase of clay
November 11, 200530,400 Pesos for the purchase of 24 sacks of Sinandomeng rice
September 30,200571,600 Pesos In kind donation of 40 Rugby uniforms
September 22, 200527,000 Pesos In kind donation of 10 pieces of Dignity & Courage books
June 5, 200530,000 Pesos In kind donation of Rugby balls
May 5, 20052,500 Pesos was given for food allowance of Rondalia Group
February 3, 2005206,000 Pesos In kind donations of 4 kick wheels, pottery tools, 4 banding wheels, 2 box of clay, LPG Gas Fired Kiln donated by the German Embassy
November 12, 200426,807 Pesos In kind donations of toothbrush and razor from Gillette
October 30, 2004 139,187 Pesos for the purchase of musical instruments
March 24, 200435,000 Pesos was given for the purchase of iron bending tools
May 23, 2004 9,000 Pesos was given for transport and material for 2 pottery scholars