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In 2002, Springboard Foundation started its operation to provide funds for organizations to help child development in the Philippines. It began with the vision of bridging the gap in funding of NGOs by engaging the expatriate society and corporations. Since then, Springboard Foundation has grown into a reputable conduit between people who want to help and those who need help.

Founded by Annette (Anni) Helbig, a German national who has called Metro Manila home for 30 years. Anni wrote a coffee table book “Dignity and Courage” that portrays the resilience of Filipino children living in poverty in order to raise funds for a local orphanage. When the book was complete, the selected orphanage closed under odd circumstances and it became clear how difficult it was for people who wanted to help to find worthy recipient organizations. Anni felt there should be accountability, output and reporting when receiving donor funds. And thus Springboard Foundation was born.

What We Do

Springboard Foundation is a grant-making foundation.

Springboard Foundation mobilizes funds to promote nurturing environments for poor children in the Philippines through giving to partner organizations for improvement of child healthcare, nutrition, education, parent capacity building and disaster relief.

Objective: to raise funds for partner organizations who improve the welfare of Filipino children.

Partner organizations are chosen on the premise that they share the vision of Springboard Foundation. They are transparent in their work, accountable and sustainable. All grants are carefully selected, documented and followed up with reporting to ensure that all funds given reach the intended projects and that the projects are executed properly.

Our Strengths

  • Low administration cost (95% of donations go directly into projects)
  • Large donor base
  • Good connections to corporations and expatriates
  • Good connections to partner organizations (other NGOs)
  • Motivated Board of Trustees, Staff and Volunteers
  • No debt or liabilities
  • Very good reputation
  • Successful grant history
  • Structured project management
  • Transparency, accountability & reporting
  • Self-sustaining projects