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The Manggaha Day Care Center has no toilet and students have to go home if they need to use it. Because of this, Springboard Foundation, decided to provide Manggahan Day Care with a nice and comfortable washroom with toilet. The facility was designed to be practical and convenient especially for the children. The toilet bowl and sink were placed low enough for even the smallest child to reach, the floor tiles selected were non-slippery and safe, even when wet, the drainage was done properly, and best of all, there is adequate water supply for everyday use. As parents, we feel that when in school, our children will learn and improve their knowledge with the help of their teachers. However, many parents are not aware that teachers can also teach our children proper hygiene and cleanliness.

As a way of giving thanks to Springboard Foundation, the teachers expressed their heartfelt appreciation and promised to maintain and keep the toilet clean. Teacher Liza promised to teach the little students how to use the toilet properly, and how to clean up after themselves after every use. The students will also be taught how to clean and take care of their new toilet.

The new toilet will benefit the children, parents, and teachers in that they can avoid germs and certain diseases. And of course, whatever good habits and practices the children learn at school, they can teach their siblings and other family members back home.