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Aurore Prudent-Roiland, President, Parañaque City, Tel. No. 776 8536

 Urchins Street Kids Association cares for children who lack proper supervision by their parents. They teach through playing games and music.

A total of 52,715.80 Pesos in kind was given to Urchins Street Kids Association.

December 23, 2003 • 46,150,00 Pesos In kind donation of washing machine & dryer, 3pcs water heater, 29” Sony TV, TV stand, Sony DVD, 3-pc O’Sullivan open wall, 2 children’s mattresses, pillows, linen, bed cover, set of bathroom carpets, barbeque grill, 3 folding chairs, plastic ware, garden tools, 1box of pots and pans, large suitcase and a black stand
Dec. 16, 2003 • 6,565,80 Pesos In kind donation of food