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School gives us the chance to gain knowledge, skills and information. It gives
us the opportunity to secure a good job in the future and have satisfying lives. For
many of us, going to school is an important time during our childhood and teen years,
but not everyone has a chance to study. Some can’t finish Elementary School, some
never finish High School. Many poor children in the Philippines suffer this fate.
The German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) has
opened their door for these poor children, so that they have an opportunity to study.
A 6-year Night High School Scholarship program is the chosen project, where
students from very poor families can visit a prestigious private school in afternoon
sessions. Here they receive quality secondary education. Our generous sponsors
German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) and other members
of GPCCI are now sponsoring 72 students; 72 lives that will change; 72 future
families that will not suffer poverty, many hundreds of children that will grow up in
financially stable families and a better future for the generations that come thereafter.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty!
These scholars know very well that education is the most importan t thing in
the world. Their parents are joyful and filled with thankfulness that their children have
received this wonderful gift. The sisters at Siena College lovingly nourish that feeling
of appreciation and thankfulness in the children for this wonderful opportunity. In
behalf of Springboard Foundation and the children we serve, we would like to thank
GPCCI and with their members. Deep from all our hearts: