> News > Fire in Merville Manggahan

A terrible fire destroyed more than 350 homes yesterday in Merville, Manggahan, 4 lives were lost.

Springboard Foundation is located in Merville and the site is just 5 minutes away from us by car. We went to assess the damage and the need of the people yesterday morning.

People were still arriving at the evacuation center and many were already busy cleaning what is left of their homes. Lisa, our teacher in our Manggahan day care center, lost her home in the fire too.

They spent a difficult night at the center; it was way overcrowded and very hot. The many little babies and children found it hard to settle down to sleep. Most of them don’t have sleeping mats and Springboard ordered 250 mats for delivery this morning.  We need diapers, vitamins, baby food, clothing and toiletries for them as well as food, toiletries, towels, clothes and many other things for the other children and their parents.

If volunteers would like to help clean up or distribute, please call Annette or Gina.

Any donations kind or cash can be dropped off at 15 Melbourne St. Merville Park, 8215440