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Mavis Orton, Founder, Antipolo Rizal, Tel. No. 697 0389

Shalom Christian Bahay Paanakan gives ante-natal care, and post-natal care. The women in Shalom’s care can deliver their babies there in a safe environment. Shalom Birthing Home does parental craft teaching and trains midwives in practical experience. Angelo King Foundation made a commitment of 3 Million for the construction of the new medical clinic in Antipolo. The land next to the current clinic was purchased in 2006. Now a perimeter wall has been erected, and the foundation is being laid. Blueprints are ready and permits have been obtained. The building is being constructed in three phases, as funds are available on a no-debt policy.

Phase I Ground preparation, foundation, infrastructure, laundry room, waste disposal area and main level examination and birthing rooms
Phase II Main level reception area and offices
Phase III Upper level classroom, additional offices and dormitory

A total of 164,868 Pesos was given to Shalom Christian Bahay Paanakan.

Our Project: Purchase of Medical Equipment & Medicines
December 6, 20047,068 Pesos was given for the repair of the incubator.
September 20, 2004100,000 Pesos was given for the purchase of one Doppler, 2 sphygmanometers, stethoscopes, centrifuge for blood tests, 140 pieces of chairs.