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International Deaf Education Association (IDEA) is a USA non-profit foundation that is working to educate impoverished and neglected deaf and blind children in the Philippines. More than 360 deaf children and blind children are able to attend IDEA supported special education classes on the islands of Bohol and Leyte. IDEA is helping the deaf and blind people to have a home and education. The foundation teaches the deaf and blind sign language and Braille and provides jobs so that they can earn their own living. The foundation builds houses that can be occupied by its graduates and gives them the opportunity to work for the foundation as well. Contributions towards one home will stay with the foundation because the occupants of the homes repay this amount in small sum until enough funds are gathered to build another house. Springboard financed the building of one home and sponsors one child.

A total of 247,522.00 Pesos in cash and in kind was given to International Deaf Education Association (IDEA).<h/4>


Our Project: Financing one home
December 22, 2010 • 24, 300 Pesos in cash donation for the scholarship of one child
December 19, 2007 • 45,000 Pesos was given in cash for the scholarship of one child for 2 years.
February 17, 2006 • 3,222 Pesos in kind donation of school supplies
December 15, 2003 • 175,000 Pesos was given in cash for the construction of one house for deaf couple.