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Jesus Loves The Little Children Foundation, Inc. was established out of a deep conviction to meet the needs of the orphaned, neglected, abandoned, and/ or abused street children in Metro Manila. The vision is to rescue hundreds, even thousands of children from the streets, to be cared for and loved as one’s own. Jesus Loves The Little Children Foundation, Inc. begins with the goal of establishing a Children’s Home that would become self-sustaining through networking, resource mobilization, and micro-enterprise projects. Located in Barangay Pinagbuhatan, the biggest slum area of Pasig City, Jesus Loves The Little Children Foundation, Inc. engages and participates in community development and poverty reduction and in uplifting the conditions of needy families in areas where these issues intersect with children and the poor. Currently, they have 30 resident children with 24 hours care and provide in-house schooling within its facility. They also served 150 children from its community-based outreach program. They provide the community with several humanitarian missions such as: medical, dental, educational, sponsorship, livelihood assistance, rice assistance, supplemental feeding, school supplies, clothes and emergency assistance. We have a Canadian donor who contributed about 1.7 Million to purchase land to build the school and the house for the children that they cater.

A total of 2,358,850 Pesos was given in cash and in kind to Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation, Inc.


December 16, 2011 • 25,050 Pesos in kind donation of 2 sets of computers, printer and 7 computer books
December 16, 2011 • 50,000 Pesos in kind donation for the field trip at Avilon Zoo as well as gifts for 20 children
July 7, 2008 • 30,000 Pesos in kind donation of table, mattress, water tank, lavatory, toilet bowl, plastic doors
April 22, 2008 • 12,000 Pesos was given in cash for the food allowance of 25 children for 8 days.
January 25, 2008 • 20,000 Pesos in kind donation of one Samsung two-door refrigerator
December 17, 2007 •  160,000 Pesos was given in cash for the Garden of Life project.
May 25, 2007 • 10,000 Pesos was given in cash for the feeding program.
April 12, 2007 • 60,000 Pesos was given in cash for the purchase of school chairs, tables, uniforms, shoes and school supplies for 25 children.
March 23, 2007 • 23,750 Pesos in kind donation of food, clothes and assorted toys of 30 children
June 14, 2006 • 140,000 Pesos was given in cash for the purchase of school supplies, medical, dental and food expenses of 25 children.
January 18, 2006 • 2,950 Pesos in kind donation of Hershey’s chocolates and in cash payment for the educational trip of the children to Ayala Museum
September 22, 2005 • 27,000 Pesos in kind donation of 10 pieces of Dignity and Courage books
June 6, 2005 • 1,700,000 Pesos was given in cash for the purchase of the land.
May 16, 2005 • 10,000 Pesos in kind donation of assorted clothes, toys and accessories
July 20, 2004 • 75,000 Pesos was given in cash for the purchase of resources for the elementary school, particularly books, tables, chairs and etc.
February 10, 2004 • 11, 700 Pesos in kind donation of household items
January 27, 2004 • 1,400 Pesos in kind donation of clothes, shoes, books and household items