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Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation’s Back to School!

Regular classes at Jesus Loves the Little Children Learning Center started June 5 and for a good jump-start, Springboard Foundation sponsored the educational materials of 75 students of JLLC Learning Center. Each student received 2 sets of school & P.E. uniforms, assorted school supplies, school bag ad socks. Children woke up early to attend the opening of regular classes for nursery, kinder and preparatory, and the in-house school for elementary and high school. It was indeed a long and busy day for everyone especially the teachers. In order to have a good lead for the children in their learning, Springboard Foundation thought it would be an advantage for the children if they are in well shape, free from dental problems and as healthy as can be. Therefore, Springboard Foundation provided medical (x-ray) and dental support to 25 children and funded a 60-day food budget for 25 students. The students are more excited and enthusiastic as ever now that all they have to do is study for a better future and the rest is A-Ok.

Would you like to sponsor?
Educational Support at 1,100 Pesos per student
Medical (x-ray) & Dental at 220 Pesos per student
Nutrition Program for 25 students at 1,100 per day
*Prices may change over time.