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Leyte Mudslide washing off Brgy. Guinsaugon

  • Another heartbreaking incident hit the Bicol region where 830 families or over 3000 people in six villages have been swept to their deaths and more are feared to be dead after rivers of mud and volcanic ash. The mudslide triggered by super typhoon Reming’s torrential rains reached meters high when they poured down Mt. Mayon.

In Barangay Guinsaugon there are only 688 people survived out of the 1,857 total populations. Most of the survivors are those fathers who work in the town and high school and college students studying outside the village. St. Bernard municipality provided 5 evacuation sites.

Springboard Foundation responded immediately and partnered with Hope Worldwide in giving assistance to the unfortunate victims of the tragedy.

    • Feb 18: Immediate preparations for release of funding, letter requesting financial
    • Feb 18: A letter requesting financial assistance to our supporters
    • Feb 18: Contacts were made with Juergen Schneidt of Kinderhilfe, Leyte, Ms. Jahr of the German Embassy and Peter Keller of GTZ to get a clear picture of the damage and what could be done to help.
    • Feb 25: Members of Hope Worldwide, Springboard Foundation’s partner organization flew to Leyte to assess the situation, help with relief operations and building-up a good network between all organizations present in St. Bernard.
    • Feb 27: Hope Worldwide received the commission to care for 80 orphaned children
    • Feb 28: Hope Worldwide made a formal request to Springboard Foundation for financial assistance
    • Feb 28: Annette Helbig, President of Springboard Foundation, flew to Leyte together with the staff of Hope Worldwide.