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Jane Walker, Chief Executive, Tel No. 302 6410

The Philippine Christian Foundation was established in 2002 as a British registered charity and in 2003 as a registered charity with the Securities Exchange and Commission in the Philippines. The charity was set to relief poverty for children and their families who are living and working in the dumpsites and in squatter camps in cemeteries. P.C.F runs education centers and feeding programs for as many children as its buildings can accommodate. PCF runs three of its own schools for children who live in the poorest squatters areas in their region, two schools are located on dump sites, and the other is in a cemetery. We also fund one partner school in Bacolod City with an Assemblies of God Church. Children are selected from the poorest families and enrolled in to school and taught by teachers who are sensitive to all their needs, educational, emotional, physical and social. Lessons are carefully planned to build self esteem and self worth, and the God centered curriculum enables children to understand that they are loved and valued. There are out of school activities and a creative arts program that are used as incentives to encourage children to regularly attend school and maintain high grades. Some of the activities include soccer training and teams, ballet scholarships, book clubs, choir, modern dance, camera clubs, and fine arts and drawing.

A total of 861,340 Pesos in cash was given to The Philippine Christian Foundation.

August 30, 20111,093 Pesos in kind donation of bread and pastries, donated by Bread Talk
January 31, 2008103,000 Pesos was given for donation to help with the construction of a school on a dumpsite at Tondo, Manila
January 14, 200845,650 Pesos In kind of donation of Community Educational Health Fair Kit from The Church of Jesus Christ the Latter Day Saints
December 19, 200790,000 Pesos was given for the funding for building the school at dumpsite
April 4, 200712,000 Pesos In kind of donation a one brand new TV and TV rack
February 23, 20074,637 Pesos for the Xerox and book bind of the Dep Ed Curriculum
January 30, 200713,000 Pesos In kind of donation a computer set which includes 15” CRT monitor, CPU tower, keyboard, mouse and 2pcs speakers
January 23, 200715,000 Pesos In kind donation of toys, clothes, educational materials, shoes, accessories and food
January 22, 2007111,600 Pesos was given for the purchase of school resources for the three PCF schools
December 13, 2006415,360 Pesos was given for the purchase of books for three PCF schools
September 18, 200650,000 Pesos was given for the purchase of books for three PCF schools