> News > New Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Extension for Fabella

The NICU Ward Extension with complete renovation and new baby bassinets as well as the transfer of the Breast Feeding Area into a newly renovated room with anti bacterial air-con for Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital was generously financed through the Rainer Helbig Memorial fund.

Dr. Jose Fabella Hospital is a maternity government hospital, which serves young mothers, their infants and children.  Around 27,000 thousand babies are born in Fabella every year. Due to insufficient funds of the hospital, they cannot afford to renovate the ward and buy all the medical equipment they need.

The children of Rainer Helbig, the family of Bernd Helbig and Heidi Helbig visited the Philippines last December 2010. All were deeply touched when they visited Fabella and saw how desperately the hospital needed help.

The donations that the Helbig family received in memory of Rainer Helbig was generously donated to fund the renovation of the NICU Extension, transfer of breastfeeding area, repainting of the Intermediate room and the purchase of medical equipment and anti bacterial aircon for Dr. Jose Fabella Hospital. It was in their heart to use the donation for this worthy cause which will save many children’s lives.

The Helbig  Families, Springboard and Give A Life Foundation, celebrated the completion of the neonatal intensive care unit extension (NICU). This facility provides immediate medical care for infants born in critical condition. All these changes improve not only the aesthetic appearance of NICU Ward, but also the quality of neonatal care in a clean, safe and healthy environment. The mothers and everyone at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital are truly grateful for this blessing.