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Night High School Scholarship for 6 Students

Springboard Foundation supported the ‘Night High School Program’ of A Better Chance Foundation which main goal is to rescue and prevent dropouts among the poor. Last school year, 400,000 boys and girls dropped out of Philippine schools usually in grades 4, 5 and 6. In this light, ABC Foundation proposed 6 students of Night High School class for SY 206-2007 at Siena College in Quezon City. All scholars are taken from public school 6th grade graduates. Those who pass the Siena College entrance exam, interview and home visit to verify the family’s economic standing as poor then qualify to study from 3:30 to 9:00 PM in a 5-year course leading to a high school diploma. The grant includes all classes, all activities, uniforms and miscellaneous expenses. Not only are we catching these children as they drop out or in most cases, preventing them from dropping out, but also giving them the hope that with proper education, better quality of life is easier to achieve.

Would you like to sponsor 1 Night High School Scholar at Siena College?
Cost: 3,300 Pesos per student per school year
*Prices may change over time.