> News > Oplan: Ondoy Ayos Bahay restores the homes of Ondoy victims

March 5, we headed out to Binan, Laguna to distribute 11 home repair kits to families whose homes were devastated by Typhoon Ondoy in September, 2009.  Along with the repair kits, we also distributed house paints to the 11 families we received home repair kits during our last visit. Go Forward Foundation and Hope Worldwide coordinate the selection of beneficiaries and purchase of the materials on the ground.  Many local volunteers came to help.

During the activity, we were met by very grateful families and individuals who told us about their harrowing experiences during typhoon Ondoy.

One recipient, Ma Melinda San Antonio, shared her personal story with us.

Our home was destroyed during typhoon Ondoy.  We were so scared, because apart from the strong winds and rain, water levels also rose quickly, flooding our area. My son was suffering from tuberculosis, and because of the rising floodwaters, we weren’t able to evacuate him on time. The next day, we were able to take him to the hospital, but it was too late.  He died 2 days later. I will never forget this flood during which I lost my son, my home and everything we worked so hard for – washed away by the waters.

Annette Helbig introduced the volunteers of Help Alliance, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines and Mr. Paul Schenk who were on site to help the beneficiaries with the painting and construction of their new homes.

The home repair kits were distributed to the 11 families, and then everyone headed over to the homes of the first 11 repair kit recipients to help paint their newly constructed homes. Everyone helped including Annette Helbig and Paul Schenk.

The beneficiaries were overjoyed to have a safe and cheerful home. They were amazed that that Springboard Foundation, the volunteers and sponsors worked together to help them re-build their homes so they can move on from the devastation of typhoon Ondoy.