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Massage therapy can heal a lot of body pain, but it can also heal ones financial problems.
The Mega City Ministries, conducted seminars on massage therapy funded by Springboard Foundation. The budget provided training for 45 participants, ages ranged from17 to 62 years old, singles, married, solo-parents and grandmothers. Participants are from within the community, with financial needs.

Ms. Annette Helbig, President of Springboard Foundation who made a site visit last 23 of October, 2012 together with Ms. Gina Tuazon and Imelda de Guzman were welcomed by Ms. Maylene Ducas (in-charge with recruitment, screening, marketing and promotion). And upon reaching the massage therapy area at 4 th floor, we are also greeted with a big smile by the participants.

According to Ms. Maylene Ducas, this is already their 3 rd batch which started August of 2012.

In November, each participant will be assessed to know how far and well they have learned different types of massages. Graduation is on December 2012 together with the 2 nd batch this started June of the same year. Each graduate will receive a certificate by TESDA, the Philippine government organization for vocational training.

Several kinds of massage techniques like Shiatsu, Philippine Hilot, Thai or Swedish massages can be used depending on the customers’ needs. We had a very enjoyable conversation with the participants and their lecturers.
The participants told us how much it means to them to earn an income that will help them to look after their families, children and grandchildren. After graduation, many of them will offer home-service while others will seek employment in the many Manila spas. With their TESDA certified course it will be easy to find work
Of course, each of us was also given a free taste of the “oh-so-good massages”. We had to make sure the training is good, right? And so we finished off the visit feeling very relaxed and happy that many families will now have the financial means to provide for their children. We can certainly say that this was a great visit.