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Springboard Foundation has been chosen to be the beneficiary of the “Fun Run” organized by The Pure Concept Corp. 3,000 runners are expected to participate. We would like to invite you to participate in this event.

The proceeds of the event will be of great benefit to our cause. Springboard helps underprivileged children in the Philippines. Our programs aim to improve the environments for children through better nutrition, education, and healthcare and by building up the capacity of parents to raise their children better, thus giving them a chance to break the cycle of poverty. The children in the Philippines need us and we can only serve them with the support of people like you who are willing to contribute to the development of these children

If we all work together we can provide these children with opportunities to build their future. Thus we embrace the vision of the Pure Concept organizers to mobilize people to embrace a discipline of fitness and wellness, promote a brotherhood of positive values and leadership, and to uphold fair play, peace and equality all in the spirit of healthy competition.

We truly believe, that together, we will live the dream: to become responsible citizens of the world by supporting a healthy lifestyle and promoting sportsmanship and discipline. As one global community, we will uphold an awareness of our collective role in bettering the lives of people, espousing values that promote a vision for a cleaner and better future for all mankind.

Springboard Foundation wishes great success for this event, especially in inspiring citizens of the world to promote and internalize the concept of unity, peace, and equality as one global community.


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