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November 26, 2013

Dear all….

I am sure you have already read our week 2 update on the relief efforts and the initial plans of what to do with the wonderful donations we have received. If you haven’t, it is on my FB page and Springboards. We are about to send out our first small Medical mission with our Banca safari team, to the islands along the Coron coastal areas to go shore to shore or northern Cebu, the destination is being finalized tomorrow with basics and also equipment to help start rebuild, at least temporary homes.

For this we need some supplies.

1. Old Tarpaulins are a fantastic medium to help shield families from the sun and rain and also can be used to hold wood together and help make shift homes stand.
2. We are also looking for old hammers, nails and rope.
3. Our other plan is for the children, coloring books, notebooks and colored crayons and pencils. This will give the children something of their own.
4. Food – noodles, ( lighter than rice ) candles, lighters, medical supplies, think light foods like sky flakes, local soup packets, etc…

We would really appreciate if you would look and see if you had any of these in your offices; remember one each from everyone will make a huge difference! We are also using this trip as a fact finding mission to see how we can help these smaller communities rebuild their lives. This is so we can find a sustainable project and something tangible to really make a difference.

Thank you in advance.

Sarah McLeod