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Springboard Christmas Parties

At the Wella Day Care Center

Last December 7, Springboard Foundation hosted a Christmas party for the 60 boys and girls of the Well Day Care. This centre is supported by the Manila St. Andrew’s Society.

Everyone had a great time, especially the children, who loved the delicious food that was prepared for them, and the gifts they received.

Springboard Foundation and the Manila St. Andrew’s Society received special Thank you cards from Teacher Rowena and the students of Wella Day Care.


Q2 Christmas Party

Q2 has visited their 6 Night High Scholars at Siena College, Taytay every year during the holiday season since they sponsor the students. The 6 Q2 Night High Scholars put hard work into preparing for our visit each time.

December 13. 2011Along with Sarah McLeod, Monina Nuñez, and members of Q2, we visited the 6 Night High Scholars at Siena, Taytay, last December 9. This year, to our delight, the Q2 Scholars prepared a short video to give us a glimpse of an ordinary school day at Siena, Taytay.

We have seen them transform from shy, quiet, little, freshmen, to tall, bright, confident, young men and women in the 3 years since we know them. Sarah McLeod and Annette received a box, full of tiny, paper stars, each one hand made by the scholars. Hundreds of tiny star were inside, it must have taken them hours to make them

The Students sang a song with guitar accompaniment. Not to be outdone, we prepared our own special musical number this year! With the special participation of Gina and her daughter Clarisse on the violin, and Annette and Sarah on vocal and flute, we performed a couple of Christmas carols for the scholars. The members of Q2 also joined in singing the carols

Q2 held a contest among its employees to collect the most, or heaviest goodies for the scholars. The teams that wins the contest gets to give the goodies they’ve collected to their 6 Scholars. Each box had enough goodies for the scholars to share with their families and friends.

Special thanks to ABC Foundation and Mr. Rene Logatoc of Siena College, Taytay, for organizing the event. And of course, thank you to the employees of Q2 for their efforts in collecting gift items, and to the management of Q2 for their continuing sponsorship of their 6 Night High Scholars.