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Sun and Moon Home for Children cares for severely malnourished, abandoned, surrendered or neglected children. Their goal is to rehabilitate the children and either return them to their families or  place them into loving adoptive homes.

A total of 107,300 Pesos in cash and in kind was given to the Sun and Moon Home for Children.


May 7, 2009 •  3,000 Pesos in kind donation of wooden crib with mattress, car seat for toddlers, high chair with tray and stroller
September 22, 2005 • 27,000 Pesos in kind donation of 10 pieces of Dignity and Courage books
August 24, 2004 • 5,000 Pesos in kind donations of baby clothes, toys, car seat, baby changer and vaporizer.
February 25, 2003 • 72,300 Pesos in cash donation for the renovation and extension of bathroom