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Sydney Schooners

12 rugby-players from Sydney came to play rugby at Nomad’s famous Manila 10’s and took time to see Baseco in Tondo. A short Banka trip in Manila-bay took them to the shore of Baseco.

About 80,000 people live on that small half-island. 60% unemployment rate makes live a daily strife for survival for many families there. The local school runs 3 shifts to try and accommodate all school children, yet still many children have no chance of attending school. Tiny huts made from Nipa or cardboard are the home to many. Lack of sanitation, no running water and lack of garbage collection are battleground for disease. Yet in spite of the circumstances the smiling faces of men women and children greet us everywhere.

Hope Worldwide provides hope for many children and out of school youth in the area. The drop-in and day-care center is home to the Nutrition Program of Springboard and provides healthy meals to the children as well as teaches the mothers how to make the most of their resources. The Sydney Schooners brought light and laughter to the children.

It was a special visit that touched all of us. The Sydney Schooners went on to visit the Ospital ng Maynila to see the renovations that were done to the children’s wards through Springboard and the Give a Live Foundation.

The Sydney Schooners who came to play Rugby at the Manila 10’s (and did really well winning the plate) proved to be strong men with soft and caring hearts. They gave a donation to Springboard that will fund rugby uniforms and shoes for street-children who join the Rugby Program from the Alabang Eagles at the Tuloy Foundation.