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The joy that you give will glow in your own heart

This is what volunteers of Springboard Foundation experienced when they visited the 14 children cared for by the sisters of the Little Mary’s Home for Children, in Merville, Paranaque; Children who were abandoned, neglected, orphaned, or living on the streets, who long for care and attention. The volunteers visited the orphanage and brought coloring books, crayons, stickers, toothbrushes, toothpastes, clay with molds, and bubbles. They spent time playing with the children and taught them how to mold different kinds of animals and shapes out of clay. All the children enjoyed the moment of bonding with SF volunteers and were thankful for the gifts they had received.

As the children enjoyed this special time together, the volunteers enjoyed it even more. They went home happy and feeling great that they were able to make the children’s faces light up with joy. Truly a day well spent.

Gina Tuazon, Annette
Helbig of Springboard
Foundation with her
daughter Nadia and Sister
Iris Laser enjoying their
time with the children.

The Little Mary’s Home for Children is a bright place where the sisters in charge take care of the children with much love. The general cost of running the home is provided for, but in-kind donations for toiletries, clothes, toys and educational materials are always appreciated.