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>The Man from Atlantis

December 28th: On September 9th, 2004, Andy Pope – Atlantis Dive Resort (Puerto Galera, Philippines) – contacted the Springboard Foundation asking if there was any way in which we could assist Philip, a Divemaster who has been working for Atlantis for nearly a year; he had become a valued member of the dive team and good friend to many of the guests as well as his colleagues.

That week Philip was taken to hospital and diagnosed with acute leukemia – a life threatening form of blood cancer.

The Philippines has no national health system and Philip is the sole provider for his family (his father died of leukemia when Philip was a boy). Philip’s doctor had advised a good chance for recovery if treatment was begun immediately. Springboard then quickly put Andy and Philip in touch with the Give A Life Foundation – and through your donations – Philip has made a remarkable recovery. On the 28th of December, Philip’s doctors gave him the good news that we were all looking for: his blood count was normal and his chances of survival, greatly improved.