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Tigers, Ape and Python

Twenty children from Jesus Loves the Little Children were treated by Victorinox to a special fieldtrip to the Avilon Zoo last December 16, 2011.

The children were so excited, because none of them had ever been to a zoo before, and they were amazed at everything they saw, especially the big animals.

After visiting the animals, an art session awaited the 20 children. Victorinox had invited artists to work with the children teaching them the magic of art. They taught the children how to draw, carve figures out of soap, and paint using coffee.

The children amazed us with their talents and created beautiful artwork. The day flew by quickly accompanied by laughter and squeals of delight from the children. It was a very special day indeed.

Victorinox also prepared a delicious and nutritious lunch for the children after the activity, and gave each one gift bags filled with goodies.

It was truly a wonderful day for the 20 children, who normally don’t get that kind of love and attention at home. Children from Jesus Loves the Little Children are from very poor neighborhoods with parents who are too busy trying to make ends meet that they have no time left to look after their children. The children are unable to attend regular public school due to lack of finances. Parents of the children from Jesus Loves the Little Children often earn a living as housemaids, constructions workers, or in factories.