Dear all, I know that thee typhoon news has been, up and down and not always specific. On one of the news programs, they explained that this typhoon was basically a slippery one, no real steering centre to guide the various groups who follow typhoons across the world to follow so many of the predictions were different.

It appears that in Manila specifically we are currently getting the start of the effects, though no wind at this time ( 4.10pm ) but most weather groups now say 8pm onwards for a few hours is the peak and we will see heavy rains and wind.

The typhoon has now been downgraded to a Tropical Storm which is a relief for us here but those on the islands over the past 4 days have not been so lucky.

A few have asked what can we do? The challenge is transportation… basically. As many you know I do get heavily involved with collection, sorting and delivering through the various friends like the volunteer fire service who I have had the privilege to meet over the years. The BWA has always been one of the main drivers when it comes to collection, as well in packing, organising and manning medical trips and distribution.

I am talking currently to their team caption, Jay Palomo and the hardest hit is Borongan Samar and Catbalogan so far and we have a direct contact with the Monsingor of Borongan Samar. We are talking to them to see how we can get goods donated from here to there…please wait for updates from Lilias or myself. There may be one packing day arranged or we may deliver “as is” – so whatever happens we will let you know.

So we are collecting… basically we will take anything!

hanks in advance for any drop offs we receive. In addition to this we are collecting for our annual Christmas Hamper Drive.. These goods this year will be super gratefully received as many of the charities have been hit by the typhoon! This is a real chance to help and give that virtual hug to one family who will be so happy!

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