> News > A little sunshine for Children suffering from cancer thanks to the USA Girl Scout Overseas Troop 16

Children suffering form cancer are going through very hard times. So do their families. Springboard Foundation is joining Steven Jarvis, the founder of Give a Life Foundation in bringing a little joy during their time of struggle. They will be treated to a little party full of presents, surprises and good food. Hopefully filled with laughter as well, laughter is a wonderful medicine that can make a big difference in the process of healing.

The USA Girl Scouts Overseas composed of Hope, Sophia, Caleb and others, were touched by this initiative and filled with compassion they gave the initial Eight (8) Christmas Shoeboxes filled with little gifts to help and bring joy to the children. They also gave in-kind donations for the Christmas Hampers (Noche Buena) for families in need to have a special meals this Holiday Season. This would not be possible without the help of Emma Denton, of British School Manila a long-time supporter and friend of Springboard Foundation, as well as Lynne Gadkowski, the of leader of the USA Girl Scout Overseas troop 16. Thank you in behalf of the children and families we serve.

If you would like to join us by donating towards the Christmas Shoeboxes or Noche Buena Christmas Hampers please contact us or make a donation via our donation page. We put a budget of PhP 500 for each shoebox or hamper. We can buy in bulk and therefore fill more into the boxes. Or contact us for in-kind donations 02 821 5440 or email admin@springboard-foundation.org

Links here: https://springboard-foundation.org/things-to-do-this-christmas/