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As the school year closed and summer holidays began in the Philippines, Springboard Foundation had the pleasure of attending many joyous events celebrating the achievements of our scholars and supported day-care centers. They were shining like little stars, from the little ones from day care to the older students who finished High School and University degrees. Their parents stood by their sides, smiling proudly. They know their children will do well; the little ones are prepared for their school days while the older ones belong to the few who were able to finish their education.  Some will continue their studies at universities while others are now ready to seek employment. We can’t wait to hear their success stories.

Education is very important to Filipino parents, they understand the importance of having an education as a way to increase their chance of escaping poverty, so graduation ceremonies are celebrated as great milestones.

On graduation day, the day care students look like little adults, all dressed up to their nines, not a single hair out of place, their parents doting over them, recording all the key moments. Various medals are handed out, Best in Math and Best in English but also Most Polite, Most Active, Most Behaved, all positively reinforcing good behaviour. Local officials drop in to help with the medal ceremony and to give a motivational speech about the importance of study. Some students listen whilst others gaze in awe of their medals.

As it is the Philippines, you cannot have a group of people without having a feast. Parents arrive with containers packed with a variety of delicious food. The parents are proud, the students are chuffed and we at Springboard are happy to be invited to see the culmination of a year’s hard work from both the students and their teachers.

Below is a bit on each group of students and how we help, as well as photos from their graduations.

All Top Day Care

In the beginning, the day care only consisted of a structural foundation and a roof covering it, the day care was far from finished. During the early days, the day care did not have any electricity, a water supply or a comfort room.

During her second year of teaching at All Top Day Care Centre, Teacher Llauderes established a good working relationship with the parents in the area and with NGO’s. Collectively they helped the All Top Day Care Center to complete construction and to provide electricity and a water supply.

Springboard Foundation started working with All Top Day Care Centre in 2015, when they were invited to be part of Springboard Foundation’s annual Pencil Drive which provides impoverished students across Manila with all the school equipment they need to start the school year.

Wella Day Care

 The day care center is in the middle of the one of the communities that houses over 150 families. Previously these were the workers of the Wella hair-care factory, which is now closed. In front of the day care is a permanently used basketball court.

During morning and afternoon lessons, children outside the classroom can often be seen peering in to see and hear what is being taught and often try to join in singing each day.

Springboard has worked with Wella Day Care Center now for many years. We have helped with school renovations, provided teaching materials and school equipment to the students to help students at the beginning of the new school year, as well as receiving educational toys from a Springboard donor.

Mangganhan Day Care

Springboard Foundation helped establish this informal day care center for the children in Manggahan in June 2011 for families that could not afford to enroll their children in formal day care center. Before the establishment of the Manggahan Day Care Center, students from the area were found to be underachieving when they started Kalayaan Elementary School. Underachieving students are the greatest at risk of dropping out of the school system. Feedback from the school has been positive, since the creation of the informal day care; students from the area have been performing much better.

The day care is based in a local church. Springboard provided funds to renovate part of the church to be used as a classroom, built as small washroom for the children and provides school supplies every year for the students.

The day care is run by teacher Lisa, who volunteers her time to run the day care 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Parents of the students try to pay Php 5 a day to help contribute towards supplies needed to run the day care. The salary of teacher Lisa is augmented by the Kararoo Foundation.

 Sykes Scholars

Sykes Enterprise Incorporated is a very successful worldwide company that has many sites in the Philippines. Springboard and ABC Foundation are some of their partners through which they provide scholarships to impoverished students around Manila through their educational life.

Sykes held a special graduation in their main office in Makati for their scholars who finished their university degrees. The graduation celebration was to reward the scholars for all their hard work and commitment to completing their studies. They graduated in business, entrepreneurial management,  Bachelor of Science in computer science, bachelor in teacher education and Bachelor of Science in psychology. The day also had an educational element to it, where Sykes gave advice on what to expect in the world of employment. They also gave interview advice and performed a practice interview for each of the scholars, so that they could refine their interview technique. 6 of our 9 scholars passed the mock interviews with flying colours whilst the others were given pointers on how to refine their interview technique.

It has been an interesting week, seeing students complete their first forays into education to witnessing students complete their educational life and make their first steps into the world of employment. Education is not the magic bullet that guarantees an escape from the cycle of poverty, but it does help improve a child’s chances. The day care helps ensure the little ones do not get left behind when starting school whilst the scholarship programmes takes away the financial strain of education for the older students, allowing them to focus more on their studies and achieving their goals.

Now is a great time to jump in and help If you would like to sponsor a child through school:

Junior High School scholarship for 1 year                                               4,400.-

Senior High School scholarship for 1 year                                              7,500.-

University and College scholarship for 1 year                                        11,000.-

Finally, our annual Pencil Drive is underway!

For our pencil drive you may donate in kind (new or used) or any amount to help us buy school supplies

For example:

Teaching materials for one day-care center per year                              30,000.-

1 Schoolbag (Php 130) 1 set of school supplies (Php 120)                         250.-

Please contact us or if you would like to make a donation. Your help will make all the difference.